Sunday, June 24, 2007

As July 4th approaches

Please go read a little opinion piece by Lucinda Marshall called "Rethinking Patriotism". It's short, incisive and thought-provoking. It ends like this:

As July 4th approaches, it may well be time to consider whether patriotism and the defense of national borders is in fact an outmoded concept. Instead of Independence Day, perhaps it is time to declare an Interdependence Day and to pledge allegiance as global citizens, to build our strength by nurturing our resources rather than plundering them, by nurturing all of the world’s citizens, especially the young. Most of all, it is time to pledge to end the wanton destruction of the planet and the politics of hatred and greed that divide us.

If we don't learn to think of ourselves a global citizens soon, we're not going to have a planet fit to live on. Really.

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