Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Heat wave in southeast Europe

I heard about this on NPR today but there was no mention of it on the CNN main page of its website:

BUCHAREST, Romania - Four more Romanians have died from a heat wave gripping parts of southeast Europe, health officials said on Tuesday, raising the region's death toll from the past few days to at least 30.

All four were elderly people who died of breathing or heart problems brought on by the heat, the health ministry said.

In western Turkey, a 60-year-old man collapsed on a beach and later died in hospital as temperatures there hit 111 degrees Fahrenheit.
In Greece, where the scorching weather has killed five people in the past two days, air conditioning systems working flat out pushed energy consumption towards an all-time high, and state offices closed early at noon to conserve power supplies.

Temperatures soared to 115 Fahrenheit in some parts of the country on Monday, and authorities expected the heat wave to continue for at least another three days, making this Greece's hottest June on record.

It really needs to be urgently brought to the attention of the American people that this is happening. Especially Senator Inhoffe who persists in believing that global warming is "a hoax".

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