Friday, March 06, 2009

Watch it and weep

Back in the spring of 1989 I went on a whale watch off the coast of Boston. At the end of the event our naturalist-guide said that the number one thing we could all do to help the whales was to ask for paper instead of plastic bags at the supermarket. Already the ubiquity of plastic bags was starting to damage the ocean's ecosystem.

I am working very hard to reduce the amount of plastic I use and throw away. I take my own cloth bags when I buy groceries, I recycle as much plastic as I can and I've started using some wonderful bar shampoo that is wrapped in paper. A website you might like to explore for inspiration is called Fake Plastic Fish, the lead description of that site being, "Fake Plastic Fish... they're cute, and if we don't solve our plastic problem, they could be the only kind we have left."

How very true.

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