Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quote of the day

I found this in the comment section of an article on Alternet. It's really hard to argue with:

The remedy to a broken healthcare system is universal, single-payer healthcare. The "public option" will be set up to fail, as adverse selection will direct those who propose the greatest risk into the public plan while the healthiest will remain in the private sector. When the costs for the public plan become too high, we'll be told once again that government is wasteful, doesn't work, and can't compare to the sacred and almight private sector. Obama seems to be leaning toward taxing employer-provider health benefits to pay for the public plan, creating taxpayer resentment against the public plan before it even starts. And since many will remain with their employer-plan, they'll be paying taxes to help subsidize the public plan, handing conservatives a hot-button issue for the next round of the politics of resentment.

As you all know (if you've read the post directly below this one) this issue is now affecting me personally.

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