Monday, June 22, 2009

That election

Just in case you've forgotten or weren't really paying attention in 2000, read this.


  1. Showed this to Hubby, we were both roaring with laughter. Brilliant!

  2. Good to have you visit, LKPCA!

    Yes, I agree. It's a good think I wasn't drinking tea or anything when I found this cartoon or I'd have a ruined keyboard!

    (So glad to see you're a cat lover. At present I have two and one other recently made "the great transition" to my enormous sorrow.)

  3. Ohhh, our sympathies. Same here, we lost our beloved Mozart just this December. (He's the orange boy in my profile pic). I can't even think of him without bawling yet.

    They were the impetus for my blog - I wanted a fun place to boast about every cute little happening and pics. LOL!

    Thx again for the cartoon. Had another good laugh just now!

  4. Oooh, I remember. And I'm still angry about it.


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