Thursday, November 05, 2009

Another apartheid

I want to call your attention to an article entitled "The Next Phase of Healthcare Apartheid". Apartheid is actually a good word for what we have now and what we will continue to have without single payer care in this country. Here's part of what the article says:

People who scrape together enough money to buy health insurance will discover that they're riding in the back of the nation's healthcare bus. The most "affordable" policies will be the ones with the highest deductibles and the worst coverage.

We're hearing that large numbers of lower-income Americans will be provided with Medicaid coverage in the next decade. Translation: If funding holds up, they'll get to hang onto a bottom rung of the healthcare ladder. Many will not be able to get the medical help they need, from primary care providers or specialists.
The specter of "healthcare reform" that requires individuals to stretch their personal finances for often-abysmal insurance coverage is the worst of all worlds -- government intrusion for corporate benefit without any guarantees of decent health coverage.

The horror stories just keep adding up.

And you know something? If you can't afford the co-pays and deductibles, you might as well not have coverage at all because you can't use what you do have.


  1. Even if you can scrape up the money to see the doctor -- you can't afford the prescription medication...

  2. So true, Classof65. It can be very disheartening.


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