Saturday, November 28, 2009

Time for some comic relief!

Ha! It's really an extension of Friday cat blogging:

Sent to me by good-friend-of-the-Center, Paul Rogers.


  1. LOL, Ellie. When I started playing this, Doc, came running, hopped up on the printer and stared at the computer screen. His ears twitched back and forth and his tail switched. He was clearly unsettled by the whole experience. Half-way through, he jumped down and raced through the hall to the back of the house. Boo, his sister, seemed to take the whole show, yours and Doc's, all in stride.

  2. Yes, I get it! My Leroy was simply riveted by it. He loves to watch videos on the computer anyway but this one particularly caught his interest.

  3. A true classic (well, Romantic actually). I was impressed by the boys' voices and the way they got through the entire piece without cracking up.


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