Thursday, November 26, 2009

Palin's religion is VERY disturbing

I just came across an article entitled "Olbermann Wants To Know About Palin's Religious Beliefs. Well, Keith..." and it doesn't surprise me but it does disturb me a lot. I think people are forgetting about the Dominionists out there and their strategy for imposing a Christian version of sharia law on the rest of us.

Here's a summary of the article:

All evidence indicates Sarah Palin's Christianity isn't about the "Rapture" : it's about Christians achieving dominion over the Earth.

I really don't think I could begin to explain what this is all about with an excerpt. I do urge you to click through and read about it yourself.


  1. The link to the article doesn't take you there and I'd love to read it. :^)

  2. That's very odd, Marianne. I'll try to find it again and correct that.

  3. Hi, Marianne. The link is now repaired and should work for you. Just be sure you've refreshed the page first!


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