Thursday, November 05, 2009

Suppose YOUR rights were put to a vote

This morning I came across an article entitled "The Tyranny of the Majority - Should Gay Marriage Even be on the Ballot?" and I want to share just a little bit of that with you:

It's my opinion that gay marriage should not be put on the ballot in any state. Nor should civil rights such as the freedom to not be discriminated against at work or to have equal access to spousal health care benefits. America has a separation of powers, a system of checks and balances. Where is the balance of power when it comes to a "people's veto" or a bias motivated majority?

Suppose desegregation of schools had been put to a popular vote in the South?

Think about it.


  1. I don´t think there have been many days since I was a child that I didn´t understand the injustice going on directed toward people like´s almost so hypocritical that one can´t take any honorable teachings seriously (I thought the same thing about racial bigots...I´m now 66 years old).

    But then, there are people like you that continue to light the way and I´ve always Trusted God (I just didn´t understand the roadmap but that is becoming more clear).

    Abrazos fuerte (and thanks for all your helpful words along the way),

    Leonardo Ricardo

  2. And thank you for your very kind comment, Leonardo!

    Let us remember that "the arc of the universe bends toward justice..." and all that.


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