Sunday, September 12, 2010

64 Commitments

Here's something I had not come across before: It seems that in 1998, sixty-four princples of non-violence were adopted by a Denver Task force who had been inspired by the memorial anniversaries of both Gandhi and Martin Luther King (January 30 and April 4). A list of affirmations connecting those dates was then created.

Here are some sample principles:

Jan. 30: Today, I will reflect on what peace means to me.
Jan. 31: Today, I will look at opportunities to be a peacemaker.
Feb. 14: Today, I will affirm my value and worth with positive "self talk" and refuse to put myself down.
Feb. 21: Today, I will greet this day -- everyone and everything -- with openness and acceptance as if I were encountering them for the first time.
Feb. 22: Today, I will drive with tolerance and patience.
Feb. 23: Today, I will constructively channel my anger, frustration, or jealousy into healthy physical activities (i.e., doing sit-ups, picking up trash, taking a walk, etc).
Mar. 3: Today, I will identify something special in everyone I meet.
Mar. 11: Today, I will listen with an open heart to at least one person.
Mar. 12: Today, I will treat the elderly I encounter with respect and dignity.
Mar. 23: Today, I will hold no one hostage to the past, seeing each -- as I see myself -- as a work in process.
Mar. 24: Today, I will make a conscious effort to smile at someone whom I have held a grudge against in the past.

You can find the complete list right here.

I really do urge everyone to click through and let this list be the inspiration it is designed to be. Anyone who makes a commitment to put these principles in practice will certainly experience a changed life; of that I'm certain.


  1. Anonymous6:24 PM

    ...and a wonderful list it is Ellie! Thank you.
    annie c

  2. yes, really cool list Ellie


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