Saturday, September 25, 2010

Headline of the day

Here you go:

The unlikely but powerful radicalizing impact of the Tooth Fairy

And the opening paragraphs of this article offer one of the best summaries I've seen yet of what has happened in and to this country:

Many decades ago, exploitative robber barons mercilessly worked our immigrant forebears, for negligible pay and no benefits, under dangerously unsafe conditions.

Only the hard struggle of organized labor won everyday Americans better lives.

Then came the union-busting Reagan era, which dropped working-class living standards to dire levels.

As that decline occurred, upper crust prosperity commensurately grew. What workers were losing in lower wages and vanishing benefits was appropriated as immense profit by corporations and banks.

Republicans subsequently rewarded them, and their elite executives, with huge tax breaks, and rampant deregulation, the destructive consequences of which tanked our entire economy in 2008.

I do urge you to click through and read the rest of it - especially if you want to know what's behind that headline.

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