Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Is the President finally getting it?

Here's what I mean:

If I said fish live in the sea, they'd say no.

-- President Obama, on the Republicans who have consistently opposed his economic proposals since he has been in office

Since Day 1, Mr. Obama has tried to play "nice-nice" with them and go the bi-partisan route and it just hasn't worked. Maybe he's finally getting it that the Republicans are going to be obstructionist as long as a Democrat is in office and that's just the way it is.


  1. Anonymous7:45 AM

    I watched that speech in its entirety and loved it. He really hit back. I think he has to give up the bipartisanship 'cause it takes both sides reaching out to work together and the Republicans have no intention of doing that. They clearly intend to fight him every step of the way, even when its not on the best interest of this country. I have no doubt they all take great delight in any bad economic news. It is actually sickening to watch it. I think Obama has to hit back, hit back hard, call it like it is, and get out there between now and election day with that message.

  2. We have to get the Democrats and Independents out to vote this November -- and they HAVE to vote Democrat! And, in two years, we have to do it again. If the Republicans take over the House and Senate and then the Presidency, we're really f---d.


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