Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's a headline for animals today

My sweet Tara

Look at this:

Here's an excerpt:

A recent survey from of shelters and rescue groups found that 95% of their shelter and rescue group members currently have adoptable pets for whom they are having extremely hard time finding homes. Another 33% of their adoption groups have had pets who were posted on Petfinder for 1-2 years without being adopted, and 27% have had pets who've waited more than two years for a forever home.

Who are these animals? Mostly senior animals, followed by pets with medical issues, victims of breed discrimination, shy animals and the ones who need to be the only pet in the family. Sometimes they’re just the wrong color, or not the breed someone had in mind.

"It breaks my heart to think that some pets are homeless for years when they are just as wonderful as the younger, fluffier puppy next to them," [said Petfinder co-founder Betsy Banks Saul.]
"The goal of this initiative is to bring the issue to the forefront and help find forever homes for these special animals."

As someone who not too long ago adopted a senior animal, I really want to support this effort. My wonderful Tara (a nine year old chocolate lab) is undoubted the sweetest dog in the universe and she really needed a forever home.

Please think about this!

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