Monday, June 27, 2005

"I am Karl Rove"

Here is a bitter, scathing piece by Rich Procter entitled, "I am Karl Rove". It gets started this way:

My name is Karl Rove. 100% of American taxpayers pay my salary, since I'm an Adviser to the President. Last Wednesday, I used the status of my office as a forum to tell America that the 49% of those taxpayers - the just-under-half who don't love my boss, George W. Bush -- are traitors, preferring to "understand" (i.e. coddle) the psychopathic murderer Osama bin Laden rather than making war against him. This is my trademark as a political strategist - use the tools of anger, hatred and fear to destroy anyone in my way. My goal is to get (just over) one half of the voters to hate the other half. I will do whatever it takes to create this hatred - lies, slander, defamation, drive-by smears - whatever it take to use these tools to divide the country for my purpose.

My name is Karl Rove. I planned the roll out of the Iraq War to give my boss the maximum advantage in the 2002 mid-term elections. I supervised the whole-cloth invention of the WMD "evidence" issue against Saddam Hussein so that my party could brand anyone who opposed the Republicans as dupes, appeasers and traitors. I coordinated attacks against men like war hero Max Cleland, morphing their faces into those of monsters like bin Laden so my party could win more Senate and House seats. We won. That's all that matters.

My name is Karl Rove. Like my bosses, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, I had "other priorities" than serving my country during the Vietnam War. The 1700-plus soldiers who have died because of our little trumped-up war are a nuisance to me - that's why I insist the coffins not be shown coming home on television, and Mr. Bush never attend a soldier's funeral. It hurts my ability to market this war as a great, beneficial march to Middle East Democracy, and it takes some of the luster off the War President. Can't have that happen, can we?

It is really hard for me to imagine what could make a person so underhanded and vicious.

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