Saturday, June 18, 2005

What is truth?

All right. It's an article from the Washington Post on Bush's Medicare drug plan. But it's not the content of the article I'm calling to your attention but rather something Bush said in promoting his plan. See if you can take this in. He said, "This isn't political talk, this is true". So what is he saying? That political talk is untrue? And that he engages in political talk most of the time so the disclaimer is necessary? Really folks, think hard about the implications of this statement. The President is actually admitting that he lies most of the time.


  1. Anonymous12:16 AM

    I disagree with your basic premise that Bush is admitting that he lies most of the time. While I agree with the implication that he lies most of the time, I don't think this is intended as a disclaimer. He doesn't have your skill with words. He doesn't listen to what anyone says; he doesn't even listen to himself. You also take his words to a logical conclusion.
    When was the last time that he was logical?

    I think that this is an off-the-cuff comment. If it were part of his prepared speech it would have turned up before now, since he gives the same speech over and over. If this was Ronald Reagan, one of his staff would be on tomorrow's talk shows correcting and saying what he meant to say. I'll be surprised if anyone on his staff does this.


  2. Oh, I agree with everything you say, Marilyn. I'm not saying that he's CONSCIOUS of admitting that he lies most of the time. I'm saying that the truth pops out sometimes in spite of himself. And this is one occasion.


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