Saturday, July 30, 2005

Climate change update

Here's an article from CBC entitled, "Scientists sound alarm on Arctic ice cap". Here's how it gets started:

Satellite data for the month of June show Arctic sea ice has shrunk to a record low, raising concerns about climate change, coastal erosion, and changes to wildlife patterns.

The National Snow and Ice Data Centre in the United States uses remote sensing imagery to survey ice cover at both poles.

The centre says 2002 was a record low year for sea ice cover in the Arctic, since satellite observations began in 1979.

There's evidence that may have been the lowest coverage in a century.

Now scientists fear this year could be worse. June readings indicate the ice is at its lowest limit ever for that time of year.

This is devastating regarding the habitat of polar bears as it shortens their feeding season. And of course, it is just more incontrovertible evidence that global warming is real.

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