Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What's happened to our country and the world

I want to urge you to read the entire article by Ed Naha entitled, "Bush's legacy: A bankrupt, bombed-out world". Warning: It's cynical and depressing if you're inclined to get depressed by what's going on. Still, I think it needs to be read. Here's how it gets started:

I happened to have CNN on shortly after Bush pulled John Roberts out of his hat last week, lobbing him at the Supreme Court like a grenade. CNN's John King was shocked, SHOCKED that some pundits would think Bush's sudden move was designed to knock leaky Karl Rove off the front page of the nation's newspapers. "It is ludicrous to think that the president of the United States would rush a decision to simply change the subject," he declared without giggling. He later said that a new member of the Supreme's would be "Bush's legacy."

Personally, I don't think nominating a conservative Republican white guy to the Court is much of a legacy. Besides, Bush has already cemented his legacy.

He's ruined America.And he's on track to ruining the world.

Every decision the Bush White House had made has been based on ideology, a warped fantasy world existing in the minds of a few that demeans and ignores an entire nation of people who are struggling just to get by.

This White House has taken politics to a new low (ever think you'd be looking UP to find the gutter?) through deception, arrogance and avarice. They can't even get their lies straight. (Just ask Tom DeLay, Karl Rove or Scooter Libby.)

For instance, our tack on terrorism has just changed. I bet you didn't even notice. Yes, kids, in the wake of Bush's gasbagging about "evil doers" and "freedom haters," comes a new definition of the "war on terror." Now, it's a "war of ideas." Coming from this Administration, that term defines "irony."

Go on; read the rest of it. Then read the comments afterwards. Because it's better to know than not to know. It's better to be aware than not to be aware. And let's just hope the special prosecuter, Patrick Fitzgerald, brings this administration down.

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