Friday, July 29, 2005

White House REQUIRES newspaper to give only one side

This is simply beyond outrageous. And we're talking about the Washington Post - that once great paper that exposed the Watergate scandal in the cause of justice. Here's what Media Matters says:

Complying with "ground rules" set by Bush administration officials, The Washington Post published a July 26 article that presented the White House's arguments for withholding documents written by Supreme Court nominee John G. Roberts Jr. during his tenure as the Justice Department's deputy solicitor general under President George H.W. Bush -- without any Democratic rebuttal.

Under a purported embargo, which the Post said prevented reporters from revealing the administration's decision until midnight -- "too late" to contact Democrats for a response -- staff writers Peter Baker and Charles Babington quoted anonymous White House officials spinning the decision regarding the documents. But while other contemporaneous print media reports noted Democrats' previously stated arguments for full disclosure of the documents, the Post omitted them for the second day in a row.

The sad thing is, I'm not surprised. Just sickened as always.

If you want to read the entire report it is here.

If you typically get your news from the mainstream media I really want to recommend that you check into Media Matters on a regular basis for reliable fact checking and bias exposure. The situation I have just shared with you reminds me to do just that. I've been remiss lately.

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