Sunday, July 31, 2005

It really does take a village

Perhaps it has come to your attention that Republican Senator Rick Santorum has written a right wing "answer" to Hillary Clinton's book, It Takes a Village. Santorum has called his book, It Takes a Family. Well Santorum was interviewed on the subject by George Stephanopoulos this morning and the transcript was then discussed on Eschaton, one of my favorite blogs. Here's a comment by Roddy McCorley that really got my attention:

And what does a family need, Rickster?

Lower wages, according to the Republican party. Less access to affordable health care, according to the Republican party. Fewer schools, according to the Republican party. More arsenic in drinking water, according to the Republican party. More mercury in fish, according to the Republican party. More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, according to the Republican party. Meat that has not been checked for contaminants like Mad Cow Disease, according to the Republican party.

According to the Republican Party, these are the ingredients for a strong family. And they're working hard to make sure each and every family other than their own has these things.

So who's not in favor of strong families, anyway? But families do not exist in a vacuum. By the way, Santorum, in his book, criticizes the Supreme Court ruling legalizing birth control. That's right birth control. It just boggles the mind. So if you thought the right-wingers were just trying to take away women's abortion rights, think again. Birth control is next.

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