Monday, April 17, 2006

Analogy for Iraq

Here's a comment I found on AMERICAblog which sums it up nicely:

Imagine if I were to walk into your house with a gun, and over the next three weeks sell every possession you had, and then I sold your house, and took all that money and paid big bucks to my wife the psychologist to consult with you on the psychological problems that you started having after I invaded your house.... essentially stealing all your wealth all the while professing to be SO CONCERNED about you and your psychological problems.

That's what the US is doing in Iraq. We're stealing their oil and giving the money to American companies with connections to Bush and Cheney...we're paying their companies HUGE bucks to repair things we broke. And in reality, they're not repairing much of anything.

That's what the US is doing in Iraq.... CRIMINAL. IMMORAL. HORRIFIC.

And killing 180,000 innocent Iraqi civilians in the process.

It's beyond shameful. It really is.

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