Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Real Christianity

Unknown News has a page entitled, "Message to Christian America" . Here's the way it ends:

You don't need new laws to defeat your temptations, and you don't need new weapons for your armies to defeat your enemies. What you need is to stop living in the lie.

Right now is the time to actually be what you say you want to be: just like Christ.

Have mercy, do not judge. Be humble, not proud. Trust in God, not the President. Turn the other cheek, instead of dropping bombs. Love your enemies, don't live in fear. Feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, comfort the broken-hearted, heal the sick! Farm your fields, don't pave them over! Free the prisoners -- and free the jailers too!

Free your selves: confess your wrongs, at least to yourself. Look in the mirror -- who are you fooling?

Good, huh? I wish the fundies among us would read it.

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