Sunday, April 02, 2006

That right wing persecution complex

All right, you know, don't you, that the evangelicals and fundamentalists are going around saying there's a "war on Christians". They love to play the victim when they're not allowed to shove their religion down other people's throats. Here's an article called, "Christian Wars" you might like to read to catch up on what it's all about. Check out this exerpt:

In keeping the congregations of believers riled up, the fear-mongers keep the level of outrage high, the introspective thinking low, and most important, the money flowing into the coffers. The emphasis on fear, the creation of enemies and false crises, and the resulting anger and discord are the tools of the fear-mongers, and are used to often devastating effect in mainline churches being overrun by hardliners.

The important thing to note here is that it never stops. The foes are never vanquished, the mission is never accomplished, there is no acknowledgement of victory or success, however minor. The war and fear-mongers keep hitting their congregations with crisis after crisis, keeping them in a constant state of arousal and imbalance. It is the tactic used by the shock troops of the Religious Right, and one we need to thoroughly understand in order to reduce its efficiency.

Fear makes people irrational. It erodes health, well being, and wealth, too. In the US, the most common way to abate fear is to spend money. So, the fear-afflicted congregations are throwing money at their leaders, giving them the means to continue the fight until the next pledge drive. It is a never ending circle.

To break this cycle, and end this artificial war, we must find a way to quell the fear. We need to find the means to calm and awaken the fear-addled and constantly embattled congregations and believers to this misuse of faith. We need to show them that they are being constantly enraged by create false crises, and ghost enemies, which are used to ultimately deprive them of their money- and their spiritual well being.

This false war isn't going to end overnight. The war and fear-mongers will make enemies of anyone who tries to stop them, enraging and exciting their flocks to even greater outrage.

Christ talked about false prophets and wolves who do these things. There is an enemy, but it isn't those who are outside the church. Instead, the enemy is within their own numbers, using their trust -and fear- to exploit them.

There is no outside war on Christians in the US. There is no secular or liberal plot to destroy religion. In fact, it is clear that the secular culture has provided a rich medium of tolerance that has allowed the hate and fear of the hardliners to blossom into this false 'war'.

Actually, there is a war going on. But it's a war on tolerance. The fundies will not be happy until they can impose their version of Christianity on the rest of us and they will not stop until they do so. I'm afraid I'm pessimistic about this war. I think the fundies are going to win - at least for a while. We have entered a new dark age. It probably will need to run its course before it's over.

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