Thursday, April 13, 2006

The toxic effects of nationalism

My dear friend Sally Lloyd sent me the following this morning:

The toxic effects of nationalism

The illusion is that nationalism helps to free people.
The reality is that nationalism is now the same as militarism.

The illusion is that other nations are inferior, misguided and wrong in their ways.
The reality is that every nation struggles with inner conflicts.

The illusion is that God favors one country and supports its destiny.
The reality is that God has never expressed an opinion about any nation and never will.

The illusion is that national boundaries make us secure.
The reality is that we live in an open world where boundaries mean less and less.

The illusion is that your country defines who you are.
The reality is that finding out who you are requires self-searching and self-knowledge.

Deepak Chopra — Peace Is The Way

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