Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mikey Weinstein in Tulsa

You know, the fundamentalist take-over of the Air Force Academy had dropped off my radar screen quite a while back. But it's just come back on due to an article in today's Tulsa World. The article is innocuously entitled "Author to speak Monday on religious freedom in the military". Take a look at what it's about:

A man who sued the U.S. Air Force over religious liberty issues will speak at 7:30 p.m. Monday at Temple Israel, 2004 E. 22nd Place.

Mikey Weinstein is author of "With God on Our Side" and founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, based in Albuquerque, N.M., where he lives.

He has appeared widely in the national media, advocating for his cause: the prevention of what he calls the takeover of the military by fundamentalist Christians.

Weinstein, who is Jewish, comes from a three-generation military family. He, his father, two sons and a daughter-in-law all attended U.S. military academies. A lifelong Republican, he was a military lawyer, and a White House lawyer during the Reagan Administration.

"This is absolutely not a Christian-Jewish issue," he said. "It is, however, a fundamentalist versus the Constitution issue.

"I'm at war," he said. "You're talking to a guy with the gun smoke in his face.

"We're not at war with Christianity, and not at war with evangelical Christianity.

"We are at war with a small subset of evangelical Christianity . . . premillenial, dispensational, reconstructionist, dominionist, evangelical fundamentalist Christianity, about 12.6 percent of the American public.

"Our focus is trying to stop them from completely gaining control of our honorable and noble U.S. military. We're close to losing our military," he said.

"We're talking about a national security threat internally to this country every bit as powerful and formidable in width and breadth as that which is now challenging this country externally with a resurgent Taliban and an Al-Qaida . . . that is at least as strong as it was on 9/11.

"We battle the Christian Taliban."

Those are amazingly strong words for a Republican, no less.

Now take a look at how Weinstein takes on Rush Limbaugh. What Rush said is below Weinstein's open letter so scroll on down. It's completely revolting, needless to say.

Then please read this interview with Buzz Flash to learn how a Jewish veteran was treated in a VA hospital. They took away his pain meds because he objected to being evangelized by a fundamentalist chaplain while he lay there helpless. I really didn't know these people could stoop so low.

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