Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Now Bush is targeting birth control

You would think that abortion opponents would be highly motivated to make contraception easily available (and affordable) to everybody, wouldn't you. But no. Take a look at this excerpt from an article called "Bush taps birth control critic to head family planning programming":

President Bush's choice for heading family planning programming within the Department of Health and Human Services is a critic of birth control.

"Susan Orr, most recently an associate commissioner in the Administration for Children and Families, was appointed Monday to be acting deputy assistant secretary for population affairs," reports the
Washington Post. "She will oversee $283 million in annual grants to provide low-income families and others with contraceptive services, counseling and preventive screenings."

Orr was quoted in a 2001 article in the Post as supporting a Bush proposal to end a requirement that health insurance plans for federal employees contain coverage for birth control. "We're quite pleased," she said about the plan at the time, "because fertility is not a disease."

"It’s not a medical necessity that you have it," Orr said of contraception.

She is also a former senior director with the
Family Research Council, a conservative organization promoting abstinence education programs and standing against federal funding for contraception.

What can I say? (Deep, deep sigh....)

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