Thursday, October 11, 2007

Republicans stoop to a new low

Frank Ford sent me an article called "Right-Wing Health Care Mythology" excerpted below. I had already read about the harrassment and smearing of the Frost family from another source. Utterly, utterly reprehensible:

When the government awards a billion dollars in sweetheart mercenary contracts to a wealthy Republican family in Michigan, that’s “private enterprise.” But when the government helps a struggling middle-class family in Maryland to send its children to the doctor, that’s creeping socialism.

The declining relevance of conservative ideology is again encouraging the politics of personal destruction. That must be why right-wing voices on the Internet, talk radio and the Fox News Channel have launched a nasty attack on the family of Graeme Frost, a 12-year-old Maryland boy who appeared in a Democratic radio commercial endorsing the SCHIP program. He and his younger sister, both victims of a terrible car accident that left the little girl with permanent brain damage, have both needed federal assistance because their parents were unable to afford private insurance.

Certain conservative bloggers and pundits, seeking to prove that the Frost family is too affluent to qualify for SCHIP assistance, have started to harass them, their neighbors and their co-workers. They have spread myths and lies about the family, their house, and the schools that their children attend. And they have made repeated telephone calls to the Frost home, demanding answers to questions about their personal finances.

It doesn’t seem to occur to any of these strict Christian moralists that the Frosts have enough trouble trying to care for their disabled daughter, or that the state of Maryland, under the SCHIP regulations, has determined that the Frost children are fully eligible for the help they obviously need.

Let us not hear again from these creeps about “family values” or “compassionate conservatism.”

A family shouldn't have to lose their home just because their children are sick. That's what the right-wing ideologues want them to do. And still that wouldn't begin to pay the medical bills. So then we would have a homeless family with sick children. What's the matter with these people???

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