Friday, November 28, 2008

Family values

Oh my. I just had to nick this from John Aravosis over at AMERICAblog:

Obama's example could have society-altering effects, especially in the African American community. By his example, he telegraphs the following messages: Being smart is good; education is good; being a good father is essential. Being an egghead is cool.

Conservatives insist, correctly, that culture matters. Many liberals think so, too, by the way. Why, some liberals even stay married their entire lives to the same person and raise children to do the same.

You want Ward Cleaver? Meet Barack Obama. Michelle is June Cleaver with a law degree. Family values don't get more traditional than those of the Obamas, who ooze marital bliss and whose adorable daughters make feminist cynics want to bake cookies and learn to smock.

Though we may perish of boredom, the Obamas may do more to elevate the American family than all the pro-marriage initiatives conceived by those who claim to speak for the deity.

It was actually written by conservative Kathleen Parker in the Washington Post.


  1. That's pretty funny, 'perish from boredom' when I think it's pretty exciting seeing a family interact in a healthy manner.
    Barack and Michelle have my respect, admiration, and loyalty. They also have my affection in a big way.
    I think we're incredibly fortunate to have them as our First Family.

  2. Hi, Marianne. Yes, I thought the 'perish from boredom' line was really funny too!

    And I agree with you. We are so fortunate to have the as the First Family.


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