Friday, November 07, 2008

We can't afford to be complacent

Good old Jim Hightower gives us a short commentary on the election. Here's part of what it says:

Now is our time!

I don't mean a time to gloat about Barack Obama's sweeping electoral triumph, or a time to savor the demise of the Bush ideologues, as sweet as that is. No, no — this is the time for everyone who holds progressive values (economic fairness, social justice, the common good ... things like that) to be on watch and do the work of democracy. If Tuesday's vote for change is to mean anything substantive, We the People have to be the implementers. And the job begins now.
Wall Street, the war machine, corporate chieftains, Republican Congress-critters, right-wing yackety-yackers, weak-kneed Democrats and other powerful forces of business-as-usual policies will be all over him. They are the insiders and intend to shape him in their mold.

We have to be the counterforce — an aggressive and vociferous Loyal Opposition pushing insistently and persistently from the outside. Obama was the candidate of change, but he'll be the president of change only if we buck him up and back him up.

I so agree with this. I'm concerned that progressives will just sit back and expect Obama to do it all. Not gonna work. Really.

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