Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Oh, you HAVE to watch this!

Don't worry. It's short. And don't quit watching too soon. There's still a little bit to go after the screen goes black at the end.

This was sent to me by Chris Rodgers.


  1. Hah! I was reading and 'waiting' for a connection, it's Chris. She's my COB sister, one of my oldest and closest friends, well, I guess not 'one' of them, she's 'it'...

    I've been reading along with Clyde's blog, Jason is a knitting/spinning buddy of mine.
    Such a wee bitty world,eh?

  2. Hi, Marianne. I'm so glad you commented. Yes, it is a small, small world! What a hoot!

    (Say "hi' to Chris for me, okay? I haven't seen her for a while.)

  3. I tried calling her right after I found your blog... no answer. Which surprises me, since we've turned into such hermits the older we've gotten.

    Are you 'Sister Ellie'?
    I know 'Ellie' is ringing a very loud 'bell'...

  4. Ah, yes, Marianne. The very same!

    (I actually have two other blogs that are more, shall we say, "in keeping" with my vocation! :-) They're listed on my profile.)

  5. How funny. I've been hearing about you for years and years, and now finally 'meeting' you through Clyde. I love how the universe can tickle me.


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