Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hate radio on the rampage

Can you believe this man? Here's something Michael Savage said:

I'm as good an expert as any. I have found in my life that most of the Ph.D. experts on children are either gay or crazy and were never married. Or if they were married, they either tried to kill their wife or were in rehab for a few years, and then came out and went into psychotherapy to find out why they killed, or attempted to kill. And then they washed it all away, and suddenly they're experts on childrearing.

You can read more about it on Media Matters right here.


  1. It's scary to think that there are people out there who will believe what he says without questioning it. I can only imagine what a hey-day he'd have with the faculty here at Antioch.

  2. It would seem that Mr. Savage's attitude matches his last name in meaning.

    How does a person think up (or think *down*) this crap!?

    Thanks, Ellie :-)


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