Monday, September 07, 2009

Corporate America

It's a chilling graphic, isn't it? I found it on Truthdig along with an article entitled "It Could Be the End of Our Democracy as We Know It" by E. J. Dionne. Take a look at this excerpt:

This sounds melodramatic. It’s not. The court is considering eviscerating laws that have been on the books since 1907 in one case and 1947 in the other, banning direct contributions and spending by corporations in federal election campaigns. Doing so would obliterate precedents that go back two and three decades.

The full impact of what the court could do in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission has only begun to receive the attention it deserves. Even the word radical does not capture the extent to which the justices could turn our political system upside down. Will the high court use a case originally brought on a narrow issue to bring our politics back to the corruption of the Gilded Age?

You know, it's bad enough that corprorations now are considered to have "personhood" and that buying political influence with money is now considered "free speech". But this is truly throwing the sheep to the wolves.

Of course, one commenter said this:

E. J. Dionne is probably not aware that the U.S. political mainstream is already controlled by large corporations!

Good point.

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  1. What would we call it ... corporocracy? Chilling ... and I too think that the primary powers-that-be are now corporate conglomerates.


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