Sunday, September 06, 2009

Something about loyalty

You know something? I've always believed in "loyalty up, loyalty down". But it's rare for the people at the top to believe that. (Something I've learned just lately in spades - but that's another story and a personal one at that.)

I'm really sickened by the way Van Jones has been thrown under the bus by President Obama himself. On the off chance you don't know about this, you can read about it here.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The President didn't actually "fire" him. He just didn't support him. He just hung him out to dry, as the saying goes.

When are we Democrats going to learn to fight for our own?

Here's a part of a comment I found over on Alternet:

Republicans can call Obama and liberals fascists, commies, Nazis, but a liberal can't call Republicans - and himself - assholes? He specifically said he could be an asshole as well. Also, the petition he signed included the word "may."

Fuck the Republicans. Fuck Rahm Emanuel. I never expected Obama to be a liberal, but I didn't expect him to be a conservative. I do expect "progressive" groups to be, well, progressive.

Yeah. Me too.
UPDATE: Well, here's what somebody commented about this over on Daily Kos:

As a private citizen Jones will not be constrained by diplomacy and the political fear of controversy. He will be able to speak with conviction and take aim at the real villains in our midst. Clearly Beck is afraid of Jones, hence the incessant coverage. But Beck has made a serious strategic error, because Jones is a far bigger threat to Beck outside of government than inside of it.

I hope this person is right.
UPDATE 2: I want to recommend an opinion piece about this matter that I found over on The Huffington Post this morning (9/7). It is entitled "Taking the Movement Out of the Obama White House" and it's by David Sirota.

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