Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Something about our "loyal" opposition

Here's the poll I just found over on Daily Kos. Very telling, isn't it?


What should opponents of new progressive Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama do first when he takes office?

Challenge the validity of his birth certificate - 15%

Equate him with Hitler - 5%

Threaten to secede -5%

Mock him for reading from a TelePrompter - 1%

Accuse him of wanting to form death panels - 1%

Label him a racist - 4%

Proclaim that they hope he fails - 5%

Stand around and say NO! all day - 10%

Stock up on guns and ammunition - 6%

Gosh, I just can't decide - 48%

I'm trying to decide whether this is really snarky or maybe just sadly ironic.

(By the way, I picked the last choice listed.)

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