Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let Congress give up its socialized health coverage

I just read a Jim Hightower piece called "Hoping for a New Ethic in 2010". Here's my favorite part:

Let's start, then, with those proud-and-loud members of Congress who've adamantly opposed real health insurance reform for workaday Americans. Not only do I include the entire block of Republican lawmakers whose vocabulary is limited to the word "no," but also those pathetic Democrats who've compromised the reform idea into corporate mush. It would be neat (and only fair) for each of these stalwarts of the status quo to make this vow for 2010: "Since I helped kill reform, I will give up the excellent government-paid, socialized health coverage that I get so that I am in the same leaky boat as my constituents."

It'll never happen of course. But I think a movement ought to be started that demands it. A little shaming wouldn't hurt these "stalwarts of the status quo" one little bit.

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