Monday, December 07, 2009

Today's CNN Quickvote

Take a look:

Is the U.S. doing enough to combat climate change?

No - 68%

Yes - 32%

It's hard for me to see how 32% of CNN website visitors can believe that we're doing enough. Of course, the global warming deniers are really going crazy with those hacked emails just lately and are convincing those who don't understand how data are collected that climate change is a hoax. This is very disheartening.

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  1. Anonymous5:37 PM

    And we can thank our honorable Sen Inhoffe for his part in perpetuating this absurd argument...which is one of the reasons I live in California now and not Oklahoma. (of course, CA has its problems as well, not the least of which is a huge budget deficit!)

    annie c


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