Sunday, March 14, 2010

Interesting speculation

This is truly worth pondering:

Can you even begin to imagine how different America would be, if Richard Nixon had been prosecuted and sent to prison for his Watergate-related crimes, instead of getting away with everything thanks to Gerald Ford? If Nixon had spent even six months in jail, it's doubtful that the Republican brand would've recovered in time to elect Ronald Reagan in 1980, so most Americans would never have heard of Bush Sr or the disastrous Bush Jr or names like Newt Gingrich and 4/5 of the Republicans presently in Congress. It would be understood that we the people won't tolerate corruption and criminality in high office, and so we'd have a lot less corruption and criminality...

It's from a comment over on Unknown News by Becky L.


  1. The system is corrupt and needs overhauling.

  2. Yes, "Classof65", isn't it just?

    I'm not very optimistic about there being an overhaul, however.

    Tragic, really.

  3. Volvo voters and fundiegelicals deserve each other.


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