Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let's make tomorrow a Social Justice Sunday

A Facebook friend called my attention to an event page entitled "Worship at a Social Justice-loving Church". Here's part of the introduction:

Glenn Beck told people to run FROM churches that preach and teach social justice. Glenn, come again?

You're invited to run TO worship this Sunday at a social justice preaching and teaching church, temple, synagogue or mosque of your choice, anywhere in the world!

What a great idea. Even if you don't usually practice some form of organized religion, how about turning up at a house of worship tomorrow that openly promotes social justice as a show of solidarity? There's a place on the page to RSVP. Come on, folks. Let's get those numbers up!


  1. Fortunately, here in Panamá, no one gives a good Ding Dang what Glenn Beck thinks about anything!

  2. Ha! Need a nun down there??? :-)

    This country has been seriously getting on my nerves.


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