Friday, March 26, 2010

Romney's waterloo

Here's Romney promoting what is essentially Obama's plan. Now, as I've said before, I'm actually against a mandate without a public plan to choose from. (Health insurance companies are fundamentally evil as far as I'm concerned.) There's just a serious irony here in that Obama has managed to get a plan passed that is essentially what this Republican has been for all along and now that it's associated with the Democrats, Romney is pretty much done for:

Now here's what really annoys me: Republicans claim that emergency rooms will treat you for free. They most assuredly do not. If you show up at the emergency room, yes, by law they have to treat you even if you don't have insurance. But they bill you for it. Oh, yes, they do. Sure, many people go bankrupt as a result and so the hospital doesn't get paid in the end. But you still get billed and it gets turned over to collections and your life is made a pure hell until the matter all gets resolved and then if you DO go bankrupt, your credit is ruined.

I just really wish these people would tell the truth.

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