Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Those Wall Street bonuses

Well, I somehow surfed onto a site today called "The Cynic's Sanctuary" where I found a self-test to determine if, indeed, one qualifies as a cynic. Here's my result: "You have potential. While you're not yet a full-blown cynic, you exhibit promising talents in that direction." Ha!

And now here's a definition from the site's dictionary:

Bonus - A little year-end pocket money that for investment bankers usually equals the lifetime earnings of their favorite high school teacher.

Yeah, that'll make a cynic outa ya!


  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I had the same score result!
    annie c

  2. After clicking around a few things on this site, I think I'm in love! Thanks for sharing this link, Sister Ellie!

  3. I had the same score as you, Ellie!

  4. Well, this "cynic" site seems to have been something of a hit! I'm glad, folks!

  5. "You're in the right place. Welcome, fellow cynic!" You must be more generous of heart than I, Ellie. LOL I can hardly wait to recommend this to my BFF, a certified mocker and scoffer, Luddite, and all-around curmudgeon (of course I love him).

  6. Oh, my.

    Well, Paul, I definitely want to know the test results of your BFF!!


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