Monday, April 18, 2011

Your headline of the day

This is definitely a question I have:

Take a look at how the article gets started:

Corporate America appears to be prospering with far fewer workers than it employed before the crash. Wages are down, the stock market is up and firms are expanding their operations overseas. Meanwhile, Congress is suffering from the delusion that our greatest problem is the deficit, rather than the extreme economic insecurity so many Americans are suffering from today. And that focus will only exacerbate the crisis on “Main Street.”

The question is whether these trends will become “the new normal,” consigning millions to an emerging American underclass. Is our notably cruel brand of capitalism ultimately leading to something that looks more like feudalism – with low-paid serfs feeling fortunate just to have an opportunity to toil for their lords' enrichment?

Consider a bleak snapshot of our ailing economy: Real corporate profits are now near an all-time high, yet one out of six working people are either out of a job or have no choice but to work part-time.

Here's what I don't understand about so-called "conservatives". Why isn't providing jobs for Americans considered a patriotic duty for these corporations that have been granted legal personhood by our system?

I simply do not understand how the CEOs involved can sleep nights. I really do not.

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