Monday, April 25, 2005

One Man's Lone Stand

Stewart Nusbaumer has written an article entitled, "One Man's Lone Stand" and subtitled, "There is a man in Albuquerque who stands every day for a better America." It's about a man who stands by the road every day holding a sign that read (at the time of writing the article) "1,737 - How Many's Too Many?" Another sign is taped to a light pole that says, "Honk for peace." Do click through to see the picture.

Can you believe that someone stopped and asked him what the number meant? Can you imagine anybody in America driving by that sign and not knowing it refers to the number of American military deaths? Nusbaumer writes:

Jess Unrein, tall and trim with only a few grey hairs visible in the bright sun, began his one-man protest against the war on 9/11 last year. "It needs to be done. The media is not going to do it for us."

His speech is deliberate and serious, Jess is not a man that takes his thoughts actions lightly. I agree with him that the media will not cover the war in a way that would educate people.

In fact, I have been in a serious way lately, with the media engaging in its shameless orgy over the dead Pope, now a new Pope, while ignoring that our world is quickly going to crap. I understand the media focuses on the really important in life, such as Clinton's Zippergate, and if the world was really important, it would have a zillion investigative hounds relentlessly inspecting every spot of suspicion in the world. And our elected representatives would be screaming for more committees of inquiries and would probably impeach the world. But the world going to crap has no tiny white droppings, only huge rivers of red blood.

One of the few political buttons that I actually bought says, Nobody Died When Clinton Lied! I wish I could say so much in so few words.

I really can't fault him for lapsing into sarcasm there. Because the press has really let us down. The way I see it, we have an obligation to inform ourselves. If the mainstream news media is going to emphasize celebrities and the sensational then our job is to search out those sources that will keep us informed on what really matters.

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