Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Psychology of Denial

All right. I'm giving you another article on election fraud, this one entitled, "Psychological resistance to facing election fraud" and I beg you to read it all the way through as it really cannot be summarized effectively. It helps me realize why this issue simply is not getting the attention it truly deserves. Here's a sample:

Denial and Psychic Numbing

We are comforted with the belief that our leaders are good people who are protecting us. Many decent, well-meaning people believe the best about our system of government and democracy and can't believe that corruption is going on. It is frightening, unsettling, and intolerable for many Americans to question these core beliefs about our leaders and to accept the reality of extensive fraud. Also, ignorance is bliss, but for the moment, and knowledge implies responsibility, which may be feared and avoided.

Denial and numbing--not knowing and not feeling--protect us from this painful awareness in the present, but they cannot protect us from the real effects of these hidden realities which render us vulnerable to increasing domination and danger in the long term. If one is in an impossible situation, these habits serve as survival mechanisms to avoid the pain of awareness. However, if one can do something to make a difference, then psychic numbing and denial are maladaptive.

Submission to Authority

The thought of challenging powerful, dominating authority with the prospect of losing is overwhelming. Increasing authoritarianism reinforces this dynamic in gradual, subtle ways. Some may also be afraid of challenging a president during a war and falsely believe it will harm national security.

Political Egocentrism

Many feel that there is no action that they can personally take on this level. It is too big for them, so they don't even seek out information or support or value the work that others are doing on their behalf.

There's much more in the article about the psychology of refusing to examine the issue of election fraud. My own position is that I do not want my mind to be taken over by corruption. Even if it's true that I can't do anything that will make a difference I want my mind to be my own and I want the contents of my mind to be based on solid evidence - not on manipulation by those in power who have bought and paid for the mainstream press. And if enough of us are aware, then we can make a difference. Being informed is the first step. At the end of the article are links that will give your the facts about election 2004. I recommend that you explore them all.

Why were hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians out for days in the freezing cold, refusing to accept fraud, while Americans are helplessly colluding with forces of domination?

This question is my question too.

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