Monday, April 11, 2005

What free press? - part 2

I really want to recommend an article by Mike Whitney entitled, "Pope TV and the new world media" if only for this paragraph:

Don't talk about a "free press". The American media showed their true colors in their handling of the decimation of Falluja. The entire media stood by with their hands over their mouths while a city of 250,000 was bombed to the ground in the greatest single war crime in the last decade. The story of Falluja is a tale of cluster bombs, napalm, depleted uranium, banned weapons, families crushed in their homes, dogs devouring dead citizens on the city streets, and masses of displaced people victimized by a vengeful and implacable enemy. It's a story of unspeakable crimes, of absolute impunity, and unfathomable cynicism.

The article is about how the press, in collusion with the administration, distracts us with mega-stories about celebrities while downplaying the news to which we really need to pay attention. Attention is definitely being steered "away from Bush's ruinous war."

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