Thursday, April 21, 2005

The REAL agenda - part 2

I've just come across an article by Randolph T. Holhut that sums up what is happening in this county very succinctly and elegantly. It's entitled, "Fundamentalist fools and the conservatives who love them". Here's his main point:

While they try to hide behind Jesus and the Bible, remember that while outlawing gay marriage and abortion may motivate the conservative Christians who are the base of the modern Republican Party, that's not the real goal.

The real goal is to get rid of the minimum wage, the 40-hour work week, workplace safety rules, environmental protection laws, zoning laws, taxation, and Social Security - in short, virtually every law passed in the past 70 years.

It's not about Terry Schiavo. It's not about turning the nation into a theocracy, although that will be a pleasant side effect for conservatives. It's about repealing the New Deal. It's about again consolidating economic and political power in fewer and fewer hands.

In other words, it's the same old song the conservatives have been singing for decades, except now, they are using Christian fundamentalists as their shock troops to achieve the one-party state where the fundamentalists can control morality while the industrialists control the money.

How can you say it any clearer than that?

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