Saturday, March 04, 2006

Class warfare

Here's an excerpt from a depressing article by Stan Moore:

The ratio of rich to middle class to poor is less and less relevant in America, with the middle class dropping continually and headed towards poverty, where there is no political power. Soon, it will be rich vs. poor in America, and the rich will have sewed up the deal, with spying, martial law (if "necessary") and claims of terrorism against any citizen who resists this infernal process.

It's class warfare, and if you aren't worth a million dollars in America in the near future, you won't be worth much at all. Your kids can join the military and go fight to protect the wealthy. That will be job prospect number one for America's youth in the decades ahead. One day, the memories of making union-scale wages at the automobile factory will be a thing of the past. Unions will be long gone. Service class wages will be set low. Poverty, hunger, and violence will expand as the standard of living sinks like a rock.

As I said, depressing. And true. And exactly what the neo-cons want.

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