Friday, March 10, 2006

Jon Stewart's take on Bush

Now this bears considering:

When people hear Bush talk, they think he's an idiot. He's not. He thinks we're idiots. That's why he talks to us that way.

-- Jon Stewart


  1. ShadowHawk7:22 PM

    As a recovering Cocaine addict..I can tell you that this guy is jawwin'. That's what happens when you do lines and your jaw uncontrolabley moves. If I were to try and read a statement in front of the world, I would probably choose NOT to do a blaster first.
    And then add the fact that he is a illiterate bafoon , and voila!!
    Instant idiot!!

  2. Hi, Shadowhawk. I've come across that assessment before. I think you're right. He hasn't done the sort of inner work that is necessary to be truly in recovery.


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