Wednesday, March 22, 2006


When I think about it I get really sick. Because Bush is going to attack Iran. And he's going to do it with nuclear weapons.

I've found an article about this on a blog that is not for the faint of heart. It's called Come Armageddon and it's both terrifying and refreshingly truthful and real. The posting I'm quoting from here is simply called "Iran" . Here's a sample:

If Bu$h attacks Iran with tactical nuclear weapons we will open the floodgates of hate upon this country the likes of which we have never before seen. We will be the pariah of the planet. NOBODY will want to deal with us. NOBODY. They all hate us already, I can imagine what an attack against ANOTHER country (escpecially one using nuclear weapons) would do to our position in the world. Has Bu$h et al even thought of the reprocussions of such an attack? What if everyone stared dumping our bonds? The dollar would bottom out and we'd have a depression that would surapss the 1930's by a thousandfold. What if Iran blocks the Strait of Hormuz? How difficult would that be? This Strait links the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Oman through which travels the majority of our oil. All Iran would need to do would be to sink a freighter at the opening of the Strait and no oil would get through. Oil prices would skyrocket to $100 a barrel and gas would be $10.00 a gallon. Now please remember, every aspect of our comfy lives is dependant upon oil. If they cut off the oil, our comfy lives will quickly fade into oblivion. No more malls, no more country clubs, no more SUVs, no more air conditioning, no TELEVISION! What would you people do?

What about retaliatory attacks against our mighty "homeland?" Have we thought of that? You can bet your ass that if we attack Iran we would see suicide bombings and other forms of terror take place in "the homeland" on a daily basis. You idiots who get all erect over the thought of carpet bombing and dropping nukes are idiots. Total idiots. You have no idea what such an attack would do to us.

Bu$h is a man with no soul. He and Cheney and Woflowitz and Rumsfeld are blood drenched murderers. They don't care about you and me. They don't care about "securing the homeland" as they claim every 15 seconds. Bu$h and his crime family are out for themselves and for the monetry advancement of their rich friends. Someone really rich will get richer by our attacking Iran. Look at every move this man and these Republicans in both the House and the Senate have ever made in the last 5 plus years. Every bill, every law, every attack has benefited the wealthy in one way or another. While the little guy, the regular American is left to die on the battlefield, to clean up the mess and to foot the f**king bill. Bu$h doesn't need congressional approval to attack another country. We ALREADY GAVE HIM THAT POWER when we authorized force against Iraq. Did you idiots think of that when you were screaming for revenge for 9/11? With revenge in your eyes and no thought in your heads, you gladly gave this ex-alcoholic and coke addict the power to attack whomever he and his cabal of bloodthirsty freaks wants. This man can do anything he wants with our military, with our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers and sons and daughters. He can bomb WHO he wants WHEN he wants. We have no say. We are at this man's mercy and this man is insane.

Forgive me for scaring you here but I honestly think it's best to be psychologically prepared. Do I hope this stuff never happens? Of course. But do I think it is likely? I'm afraid I do, indeed.

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