Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Saving the animals

As you know, alleviating animal suffering is the activism issue closest to my heart. And as I've told you before, I donate to PETA, The Humane Society, Noah's Wish and PAWS of Tulsa. Today, I've just found another animal welfare organization and this really bears looking into because it is international. I refer to the World Society for the Protection of Animals.

Vision: A world where animal welfare matters, and animal cruelty ends

Mission: To build a united global animal welfare movement

Here's something else they say about themselves:

With consultative status at both the United Nations and the Council of Europe, WSPA is building a united global animal welfare movement to further our vision of a world where animal welfare matters, and animal cruelty ends.

WSPA supports and implements animal welfare programmes. These typically incorporate elements of campaigning, educational work and/or direct aid.

Our work is focused on four priority areas:

*Companion animals
*Commercial exploitation of wildlife
*Farm animals
*Disaster relief for animals

Animals are sentient beings that suffer just the way we do. Please consider making a contribution - no matter how small - to the animal relief organization of your choice.

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