Saturday, March 04, 2006

Distressed dolphins

Global warming is now affecting the dolphins in a negative way. I'm sharing with you an article called, "Dolphins Discovered Fleeing Warming Tropical Waters". Here's part of what it says:

(Miami, Florida) Marine researchers who have been observing the same pod of dolphins off Florida's eastern coast for three years have now, for the first time, photographed the dolphins swimming directly northward.

"These bottlenose dolphins, possibly the smartest creatures on Earth, were observed swimming directly northward", said Prof. Bonita Krillman. "Given the recently observed warming of the tropical oceans, we theorize that this pod is heading poleward in search of cooler waters".

Underwater listening devices, used to pick up the normal playful squeals of the fun-loving dolphins, recorded squeals with a noticably different timbre, the researchers reported. "They sounded more terrified than playful", claimed Crystal Dearing, a graduate student working toward a degree in Anthropogenic Environmental Disasters at Scripps Institute of Oceanography. "They sounded distressed and fearful".

The scientists, who perform their work aboard the research ship "Gaia's Revenge" were noticeably shaken by the observation of the dolphin pod's behavior. "We were performing our usual tasks -- photographing and communing with the pod -- when someone yelled, 'Oh my God! They are travelling directly northward!'. We were stunned at the obvious implications of this unusual behavior", related Ms. Dearing.

You know, we're only going to be getting more news like this as the warming progresses. It's horrible what we have done to the earth - and to other innocent sentient beings.

Another article from the same website is entitled, "Polar Bears "Dropping Like Flies" From Heat Exhaustion". We already knew they were drowning because the ice they usually swim to is melting. Now it seems there are times that they just can't keep going due to rising temperatures.

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