Monday, November 27, 2006

Computer woes AGAIN

This time it was the dog. (Yes, MadPriest; I know you don't believe me!) While I was in the shower, Izzy managed to pull my lap top off my desk and onto an open drawer. It now won't boot up at all. As I write, I'm waiting for my computer guru to phone. In the meantime, there will be light posting as I must use Cynthia's computer at the Center and I don't have round the clock access to that!

Cynthia said to me that my animals have cost me so much money that if it weren't for them, I'd be a rich woman. Well, not quite, but I'd be a good bit better off! But still, children cost people a lot of money and what parent would not have had a beloved child just because of an accident or two?

I'll get back to normal posting when either my computer is fixed or I get a new one (oh, I hope it doesn't come to that...).

Ah well! I get to do some equanimity practice now, don't I?


  1. In all the years I have surfed around the net, and with all the pet owning people I've come across, I don't think I have ever come across ONE other case of computer vandalism by domestic animals. This means you are either:
    1. Putting the blame on your innocent animals in order to cover up your own clumsiness.
    2. Your pets hate you.
    3. Even though you've lived with animals for years and years you still put things in places where they are likely to damage them.

    Or is this all some sort of insurance fiddle?

    Ellie - it's time to come clean.

  2. I doubt it, but if they're anything like my tribe - they might be having a laugh. Cats especially have a very sick sense of humour and you now how easy it is for a cat to persuade a dog to do something so it will get into trouble.

  3. Anonymous10:27 PM

    When children do things like this, the books say they are acting out as a means of demanding attention. Something to think about next time you're on the computer instead of giving undivided attention to your pets!!!!!!


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